We Install a New President

RoyMonday 1st July was a special day for Andy Rigg and the Club as Andy took over as our 93rd President. Our meeting started as normal with President Roy Dallison in the chair. After the usual formalities, Roy gave a resume of his year in office mentioning the work the club had done with Youth, the money we had raised for the Rotary Foundation, Polio and other good causes, the introduction of a Club Magazine and many other highlights of the year. He concluded by installationthanking the Club for their support and especially those on Club Council. He finished by inviting Andy Rigg to stand.

There was now the actual moment of handover and Roy removed the President's Chain of Office and fastened it on Andy's shoulders and congratulated him on his appointment. This was followed by general applause from the members present.

installationAndy then made a short speech thanking Roy for his service during the last year and asking the club for their support during his term of office. He went on to mention several of his priorities - the environment and his plan to plant trees and crocus bulbs; to continue with the Youth initiatives; to actively recruit younger members into the club; to continue our efforts raising money to eradicate Polio and to plan for a Hexham Jazz Festival.


He concluded by installing Neill Wylie as the President Elect and asked for nominations for President in 1921/22 before closing the meeting with the final toast just on 2pm.