A visit to Lambshield Garden

A Visit to Lambshield Garden.

The delights of Lambshield Garden.intro

For our weekly meeting, on 8th July, club members departed from routine and, together with guests, enjoyed an outside visit.

gardenWe were privileged to have a private tour of a large garden at Lambshield near Hexham that has been created to all sides of the house from former grassland within the last 12 years by the owner David Young.

The design and layout of the garden areas were delightful and there were surprise features round every corner. The variety of the colourful flowers had the connoisseurs talking !

donationAlthough the day had been fine and sunny, the drizzle that pervaded the tour in no way detracted from the splendour of this garden.

In appreciation, during supper, Brian Massey handed over a £200 donation to David Young for the National Gardens Scheme cancer charities and thanked him on behalf of everyone for an excellent visit

To round off the evening, 38 Rotarians. Partners and friends then retired to the Boatside Inn at Warden where we took over the whole of the restaurant for an excellent meal.